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DA Dispersant

Product Brief New Dispersant,the main performance Index has reached the level of the United States Oceans's SN-5040 equivalent product for a variety of pigment dispersion;has a good dispersion stability,it is currently the best in water-based latex paint coated paper processing industry The efficient pigment Dispersant.
Features DA Dispersant is superior to the currently used inorganic Dispersant for dispersion stability,aging stability,and dispersion of disperse pigments or coating dispersions.DA Dispersant is easy to use and widely used.Low-viscosity pigment paste.For the most difficult to disperse Ultrafine heavy calcium carbonate in Coating,light calcium carbonate also has a unique dispersing effect.It can increase the concentration of pigment in Coating,increase production efficiency,and obtain significant economic benefits..
ingredients: special anionic polycarboxylates.
solubility: soluble infinitely deep water,insoluble in ethanol,acetone,benzene and other organic solvents.
chemical properties: non-toxic,non-corrosive,non-flammable,in contact with concentrated alkali to form Flocculation.
Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid.
Solid content: 40%±2 Viscosity 250 to 350 centipoise PHWFHG: 7 to 8
Specific gravity: D251.15 to 1.25
Uses DA Dispersant has excellent dispersing effect on high-phosphorus,titanium dioxide,calcium carbonate,barium sulfate,talc,zinc oxide,iron oxide yellow,etc.It is also suitable for high speed,also suitable for low speed coated paper processing industry;Waterborne Latex Paint;Pigments Dispersant for Exterior Wall Decorative Coating;Diluents in Ceramic Industry.
Dosage The general Dosage range (in terms of solids) is 0.5 to 1.6% of the pigment solids content in Coating.The exact Dosage varies depending on the type and quality of the pigment.It can also be used in combination with the inorganic phosphate Dispersant.
Usage 1.Dispersion method of pigment paste: Add Dispersant to water according to different proportions,stir evenly,then slowly add pigment,mix at 2000-4000 rpm,stir for 10-30 minutes,measure viscosity with viscometer,pH meter (or precision test paper) to measure the PH value,adjust to the required requirements.
2,aging test determination: Keep at 50 °C constant temperature,each titration time (2,5,24,48,72) hours sampling analysis,test it Viscosity.
Storage Stored in a cool place,storage period is one year.
Packing Net weight 25kg,50 liters,250kg plastic drum.
Transportation This product is non-flammable,explosive,can be transported in the usual way


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