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Triphenyl phosphate (TPP)

Product name Triphenyl phosphate TPP
CAS NO. 115-86-6
Molecular formula (C6H5O)3PO
Molecular weight 326
Quality Index
Index Name Index
Color (APHA) ≤ 60
Acid value mgKOH/g≤ 0.10
Freezing point °C≥ 47.0
Free phenol %≤ 0.10
Relative density (50°C) 1.185-1.202
Content%≥ 99.0
Physicochemical properties White flaky crystal,
aromatic odor,
viscosity 11cp (50°C),
melting point 49.2°C,
boiling point °C (760mmHg),
flash point 225°C,
refractive index (25°C),1.5518-1.5630

This product can be used as flame retardant plasticizer of cellulose resin,vinyl resin,natural rubber and synthetic rubber with low flame retardant efficiency,excellent mechanical properties retention,transparency,softness and toughness;used for Cellulose nitrate,Coatings,film and soft sheet of
Glycerol triacetate,rigid polyurethane foam,engineering plastic plasticizer,flame retardant additive.

Packing 25KG kraft paper (lined with black plastic bag).


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