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SC-A03 Resin

"Shunchang" amino resin series "Shunchang" series Resin is a thermal Resin,mainly used for baking paint,and sometimes used for air-drying paint.It can form a very hard,almost colorless paint film.Formed with various Alkyd or Acrylic Resin complexes.The film has excellent properties."Shunchang" series Resin also has good thermal stability and alkali resistance,so it is suitable for outdoor use,such as automotive finishes,color board paint;also used for containers,general metal Surface paint for woodwork and woodwork.
Brief SC-A03 Resin is a liquid hexamethoxymethyl melamine Resin with high etherification degree and low Molecular weight.This product has excellent stability.It has a wide range of intermiscibility and the characteristics of rapid catalysis and toughening into hard film.The amount is very small.Usually about 5%.Similar to butyl melamine-formaldehyde,it reacts with the hydroxyl group of the polyester to form a thermosetting surface Coating.Essentially,no self-concentration reaction occurs without an acid catalyst.
SC-A03 Resin is a new cross-linking agent for environmental protection coatings.Its main function in thermosetting coatings is to cross-link the main film-forming material molecules through a chemical reaction into a three-dimensional aggregated network structure,usually used for acrylic acid,poly.Resin systems based on Fat,Alkyd Resin or Epoxy resin.Gives it better toughness,hardness,gloss,chemical resistance and stability.
Quality Index
Appearance: Transparent viscous liquid Free formaldehyde content%: max 0.5
Non-volatile content % (weight) Min.: 98.0 Acid content: lowest
Color (APHA): Max 30 Refractive index: 1.515-1.520
Viscosity cps (rotary viscometer,25°C) : 3000-10000 Specific gravity (25°C): 1.20
Hydroxymethyl content: very low Primary Reaction Group: Alkoxy
Application SC-A03 Resin is an amino cross-linking agent for thermosetting coating.It is mainly used for baking paints and self-drying paints.It can form a very hard and almost colorless film that can be dissolved in various organic solvents.It
is compounded with water-soluble Resin .,Producing a variety of environmental protection Coating,the resulting film has a good thermal stability and chemical resistance,suitable for interior decoration,walls,furniture and wood Coating,textile Coating,Paper Coating,etc.
This product is used as Alkyd Resin,Cross-linking agent for Acrylic Resin,Epoxy resin,Polyester Resin and modified fiber Resin.It can be formulated as high solid paint.The resulting film is stable and tough.It is suitable for outdoor use.It can be used as automotive finish and Primer,color paint,surface paint for containers and general metal and wood products.
Physical characteristics Advantage Application area
Commercial grade SC-A03 Resin is hexamethoxymethyl melamine in liquid form,with a non-volatile content of more than 98%.SC-A03 Resin is a universal cross-linking agent for various aqueous or organic polymer materials containing carboxyl,hydroxyl or amide groups.Such as epoxy Resin,Alkyd Resin,Polyester Resin. Certain polymers of propylene and ethylene,a nitro group,and ethyl cellulose.Carboxyethyl fiber
cellulose and carboxy cellulose derivative.
Suitable solvents Wide
compatibility Wide range Wide
solubility Wide range of
excellent stability
Excellent hardness/flexibility
Fast curing reaction
Outdoor weatherability Strong
leveling Good
price Economic
Waterborne Systems Non-toxic Coating
Coil Coatings
High Solids Paints
Power Products Paints
Automotive Paints
Containers & Metal Decorative Paints
Electrostatic Spray Paint
Textile Coating
Paper Coating
Preservation method This product must be stored in a closed epoxy plastic coated metal pail or plastic coated iron can;shelf life is 12 months in cold and rain-shade place..


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