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SC-A25 Resin

"Shunchang" amino resin series "Shunchang" series Resin is a thermal Resin,mainly used for baking paint,and sometimes used for air-drying paint.It can form a very hard,almost colorless paint film.Formed with various Alkyd or Acrylic Resin complexes.The film has excellent properties."Shunchang" series Resin also has good thermal stability and alkali resistance,so it is suitable for outdoor use,such as automotive finishes,color board paint;also used for containers,general metal Surface paint for woodwork and woodwork.
Brief This product is a partially hydroxymethylated and highly methylated melamine formaldehyde resin,which is anh ighly effective cross-linking agent for epoxy Resin,Alkyd Resin,Polyester Resin and Acrylic Resin.This product is partially soluble in water and has good compatibility with water-soluble polymers.It is very suitable for the preparation of color board paint,industrial rapid baking.Baking weight loss It is small and does not require strong acid catalysis.Normal baking conditions are 110-150°C for 20-30 minutes.
SC-A25 Resin is a very effective cross-linking agent for main polyesters containing hydroxyl,amino and carboxyl functional groups (such as epoxy Resin,Resin Resin,Polyester Resin or Acrylic Resin.Suitable for metal coil coating and industrial porcelain baking,low weight loss during baking,rapid curing reaction,high resistance to curing.No strong acid catalysis,if Need to add catalyst,you need to use weak acid catalyst.
Quality Index
Appearance: Transparent viscous liquid Free formaldehyde content%: max 0.5
Non-Volatile Ingredient% (Weight) : 78-82 Acid content: lowest
Color (APHA): Max 30 Specific gravity (25°C): 1.20
Viscosity cps (rotary viscometer,25°C) : 2270-9800 Primary Reaction Groups: Alkoxy/imino
Hydroxymethyl content: very low Solvent: Isobutanol

SC-A25 Resin is suitable for a wide range of industrial baking paint systems;metal coil coating;industrial baking glaze porcelain;weight loss during baking is very small;medium hardness coating assembly etc.
Formulation system containing SC-A25 Resin Must be stabilized with primary alcohols,amino groups or combinations of these materials.
Acid catalyze: coating may cure at temperatures as low as 110-150°C for 20-30 minutes.

Preservation method This product must be stored in a closed epoxy plastic coated metal pail or plastic coated iron can;shelf life is 12 months in cold and rain-shade place..


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